55,000 different ways to say I love you.

Pandora mobile app design

Project Background

With only three weeks before Valentine’s Day, Pandora knew they wanted to create a special experience for their customers.

Under this tight deadline but with full control over creative direction, we pitched an idea that would allow customers to send a customized Valentine’s experience to their loved ones who are both near and far – while being deliverable within the short time frames dictated by the holiday.

Pandora promo cards

A customized experience

When a customer finished a purchase at a Pandora store, they would get a card with one of 55,000 unique QR codes that would enable them to send a personalized Valentine’s Day message to their loved one.

Powered by Shazam’s QR-reading functionality, once a customer set up their personalized message, scanning the card would open a beautiful, animated experience.

Pandora catalog spread