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Sparklr app

Project Background

At Lush, we never stop creating – in fact, our creative sessions have led us to establish an incubator within Lush to pursue some of the greatest ideas that have come out of our team.

Sparklr is the brainchild of one of these sessions and allowed us to combine our passions for app development and mobile design with a real need we noticed in the market.

Built for young urbanites with busy schedules, Sparklr lets you find other locals looking for new friends to hang out with – for a run, to play some music, or to start a basketball game. No longer stuck with the dictates of your friends’ strict schedules or sports league times, you can spark an activity with anyone who’s interested – but only for a limited time.

A gap in the market

From Facebook posts about running buddies to hearing stories of finding new friends on Tinder, we saw an unfulfilled need that arises in almost any city – finding friends.

But the need went stronger than simply a networking or friend-finding app. These people were busy urbanites – looking to do something, but having no friends available to take part, they were looking almost anywhere to connect with people.

Facebook post

The app to spark something new

With Sparklr, activities are indicated with hashtags that expire after a set period of time – that run you wanted to go on in the next 20 minutes, well, you have to start soon since you’ve got that haircut at 3pm.

The same thing happens whether you are putting out your own activity, or looking find something that’s already going on. You’ll even be able to see how popular certain activities are.

Happy Sparklr user

Down to the design

Putting our heads together, we came up with the concept, name, branding, and logo behind the app. But it didn’t stop there.

We created a tappable prototype on mobile to showcase the functionality of the app and the user workflow. We developed a chat engine to run the communications within the app, and populated a database with activity hashtags the app would pull from.

With our years of experience, it didn’t take long. Now the only thing left is to bring it to market – if you know someone interested, give us a call.

Sparklr branding