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Setting up an e-commerce store

Starting an ecommerce store in 2023 – best practices

What does it take to open an ecommerce store?  In today’s blog, we’re walking you through the process of developing your own online store – both for owners who already have a brick and mortar store, and those looking to go online-only. You’ll come out understanding the key digital and business factors that play a […]

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Two computers finding each other

How to Design Your Shopify Store for SEO

“If you build it, they will come” is unfortunately not the case in the digital age. All websites require careful consideration and planning to perform well for search engines.  A global leader in ecommerce, Shopify has clearly defined rules regarding how it is built and what you can control (or can afford to make mistakes […]

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Nine Gotchas to Avoid When Setting Up Your Shopify Store

So, you have a brilliant business idea and you’re excited to set up your new Shopify store and let the orders roll in.  While it’s exciting to set up any new site, many people become overwhelmed by the process of establishing a Shopify store, and, in turn, run into problems. The last thing you want […]

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Light bulb stopping domino effect

Why your website refresh needs a solid technical architecture

It is a sadly overlooked truth, but even with active maintenance and improvements, websites need to be updated every few years. Because of this, website redesigns are one of the most requested projects we get, even over new website builds. A website refresh is rarely ever a simple visual redesign. Often through the technical discovery […]

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Flood of spam email messages

How we completely eradicated form spam on WordPress

What is Form Spam and Why Should You Care? Form spam is a disruptive, malicious means of using a website’s contact and form submissions to send messages containing phishing scams, malware, advertisements, or abuse to the site owners. Most of these form spam scams are executed by bots programmed to find web forms and automatically […]

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The 4 Keys to Creating a Stunning Brand Experience

What is a brand – and how do you create a strong brand experience? We know that elevating the look, feel, and experience of your brand is paramount in order to compete in today’s modern marketplace. And while a remarkable brand experience has come to be expected by customers, how do you stand out above […]

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Before you build - feature image

Before you build your next digital project [Video]

Need some practical advice on updating your website – or undertaking a new digital project? Lush Founder Ryan Payne spent some time with the good folks at MerchantAccounts.ca to share over 20 years of experience building and launching digital projects. Check out the video below or read through the full transcript to find out what […]

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Assessing a project – from the agency side

Here’s the scenario: your business has a new project in the works and you’re going to need some outside help with the tech and design. Maybe it’s a website refresh, or perhaps an app you want to develop, or maybe you’re building a new online store from the ground up. As you put together your […]

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Digital maze

How to choose the right digital design team for your project

Whenever you start a new digital project, you are faced with myriad choices and design options. Chief among those choices is figuring out which design team is best suited to your particular project. Designing a restaurant’s website is different from developing an app or building a fundraising campaign. Each project demands a distinct set of […]

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Happy accessibility symbol

Your cheat sheet for the AODA and website accessibility

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our clients about the AODA, what it is, if they need to worry about it, and what happens if they don’t comply. In today’s blog, we’ll share everything we’ve learned so far. We’re going to cover: What is the AODA? The Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability […]

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Update your Shopify theme

How to update your Shopify theme in 2020

Over the past couple years, Shopify has been releasing more and more powerful functionality to make running your online store easier than ever.  It’s even got some big 2020 plans coming up to take your store to the next level.  However, a lot of these benefits rely on how up-to-date your Shopify theme is. Though […]

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Mobile app design process

Our approach to mobile app design

What does it take to design and build a memorable, usable mobile application that users want to return to again and again?

In this article, we’ll walk you through our approach to design and how we’ve used it to help clients build successful mobile apps to support their businesses.

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