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Since 2001, we’ve crafted digital experiences for organizations, brands, and start-ups.

How we do it

We take on large and small projects, over weeks, months, or even years. Find out how we can make your wildest dreams a digital reality.

Latest from Lush

20 Years of Lush Concepts

20 Years of Lush Concepts

When I started running Lush at my kitchen table in 2001, I could never have imagined the evolution of technology that I’d be seeing in the next 20 years. Even looking back now, I could never have known that at 21 years old I was sowing the seeds for a two-decade career that has come […]

6 min read

Assessing a project – from the agency side

Here’s the scenario: your business has a new project in the works and you’re going to need some outside help with the tech and design. Maybe it’s a website refresh, or perhaps an app you want to develop, or maybe you’re building a new online store from the ground up. As you put together your […]

5 min read
Digital maze

How to choose the right digital design team for your project

Whenever you start a new digital project, you are faced with myriad choices and design options. Chief among those choices is figuring out which design team is best suited to your particular project. Designing a restaurant’s website is different from developing an app or building a fundraising campaign. Each project demands a distinct set of […]

6 min read

Nice things our clients are saying

The team at Lush Concepts delivered an exceptional product and service. Their responsive approach made the collaborative engagement a success. They're proactive, insightful, and responsive.

Michael McCann Co-Owner, Santa Mails a Letter

Lush Concepts has garnered increased engagement and traffic. The communication and scheduling have been solid.

Katherine Vaillancourt President, Association of Administrative Professionals

Great work ethic, product, and working relationship. Communication is clear and output is top notch.

Kevin Elliott Technical Development Manager, Torrent Water Systems

The entrepreneurial mindset at Lush is a huge factor. They treat my budgets, my deadlines, my customers like they're Lush's own.

Chester Wong CEO & Co-Owner, FUEL+

If you have tried to get agencies to graphically represent the brand you fight tooth and nail to build, you know not all collateral is created equally. Lush helped us polish our look with work that was delivered on time and on budget. Great people to work with!

Rolston Miller Marketing and Brand Director, Sport & Social Group

I trust Lush implicitly with every digital activity we launch. We've been working together since 2007 and I know I can treat them like they're part of my team.

Suneet Luthra Founder, SoLis MicroLearning